upside down goggles present
emotions with upside down goggles

Upside down goggles /invertos give you the opportunity to visit another reality. You feel something that you had never before!


Upside down goggles/ invertos will be a great gift for any person. Surprise your friends and loved!

Invertos can affect to visual perception and can be used to train for spatial abilities and prevent motion sickness.

Upside down goggles made by invertos can increase concentration and productivity (according to our customers' opinion)

With upside down goggles/invertos your creative thinking will work to its fullest and ordinary things will become more interesting!
What's your idea how to use upside down goggles!?

Wearing upside down goggles you can:





What's this?


Prismatic optics make upside down mirrored image
( 180 ° inverting)

Every movement
becomes surprise

No harm to the body and
visual system

VR gadgets will gather dust on the shelf

design of upside down goggles

Based on the discovery of almost a century and a half ago, we have made a modern compact multi-purpose device that has no analogues in the world.
Upside down goggles / invertos can deep visual change everything around you and influence to a cognitive system in incredible way.
This simple mechanism will show you the world with completely difference from what it seems at first sight.

wide angle upside down goggles
invertos W
Unlike the W Invertos, the 3X Invertos can be a pseudoscope, which creates the opposite perspective. This means that the near points of space move into the farthest, and the furthest into the near. But fiel of view 3x invertos less than invertos W. Our Invertos W have biggest field of view even bigger than at Huber Dolizal
invertos 3X
pseudoscope transform to umkehrbrille
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Many people have already appreciated all the benefits of our upside down goggles - invertos
and share with you their impressions
True story
My first impression
It was Friday night. I came home after work and began to unpack the upside down goggles invertos presented to me at the New Year's party.
Opening the box, I realized that I had never been able to hold anything like this before. Wearing the invertos at first time I met with a mirror reality. On the one hand, it was a little stress for my body and on the other hand, I felt a pleasant surprise.
Like a baby, with uncertain steps, I was able to get to the window. Looked down and then suddenly looked up, I felt something strange, like riding on a high swing, something similar free-fall sensation. People on the street moved strangely. Heaven and earth switched sides. It all looked very big and grandiously, something like fiction and Hollywood movies. Everything around had changed its place around me.
After 15 minutes being in another reality, I decided to take off my invertos. I had realized that the world of the upside down goggles strongly touched my brain and showed me something that I had never felt before. Then I discovered that fatigue was gone away, I found myself an unconrollable desire to call friends and share incredible impressions with them.
True story
By car into the sky
On one sunny day during a trip out of town, me and my friend decided to try the invertos upside down goggles in motion. Of course, for safety, I sat in the passenger seat. We were driving. The first thing I noticed was amazing feeling of flying. It was especially interesting to "fly over" bridges and various lamps that were perceived as obstacles in our way. The sky under your feet is truly incredible! Its depth was perceived even more impressive, given the high clouds that day.
During a trip with invertos, I discovered something new. It was best to race at high speed and feel the feeling of lightness. In fact, it does not possible to explain in words. Me and my friend got a lot of positive emotions and discovered a new world of mirror reality. Thanks for this great product !!!
Based on true story
Upsude down event
A couple of days ago an interesting story happened to me. It all started with the fact that friends called me to a party at housewarming. As a gift to my friends, I bought a mirror reality gadget.
There were so many people who simply did not know each other. Guests did not feel comfortable and do not conversation each other. The hosts felt nervous and understood that all no going according to plan. I realized that it was time to take the initiative. After that I taked the attention my friends to upside down goggles. It became interesting to guests, and everyone wanted to try walk in invertos. It was super funny! The one who wore upside down goggles become the object of attention. Some were lost in space around us, while others helped them overcome obstacles. People charged themselves with positive emotions. Constant laughter and communication helped guests to overcome the tension. Very soon everyone communicated openly and shared their impressions.
In the end, everyone left happy and got a bunch of emotions. Thank you very much for the great gadget invertos! It made our evening! Now we will meet again at the table with our new friends.

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