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Perfect optics!
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Prismatic optics make upside down mirrored image
( 180 ° inverting)

Every movement
becomes surprise

No harm to the body and
visual system

VR gadgets will gather dust on the shelf

design of upside down goggles

Based on the discovery of almost a century and a half ago, we have made a modern compact multi-purpose device that has no analogues in the world.
Upside down goggles / invertos can deep visual change everything around you and influence to a cognitive system in incredible way.
This simple mechanism will show you the world with completely difference from what it seems at first sight.

Invertoscope (from the Latin. Inverto - flip, drop, and so the Greek. σκοπέω - see) is upside down goggles but our invertos 3x can be pseudoscope too if you flip prisms.
p/s We recommend to buy only high quality devices with optical glass prisms like ours so as not to be disappointed! Many people wrote to us that they were disappointed with plastic Dove prisms.
Тел.: +7 929 513 87 25
Moscow, Marshala Katukova 19/2